Friday, 2 August 2013

The first step towards Living the Simple Life

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly expensive and we seem to have forgotten what our ancestors practiced through necessity~  making do with what we have and reusing or recycling useful items.

The cost of food is forever on the rise-and most of what we eat are convenience foods; more chemicals than actual food. This has led to increased health problems including obesity and allergies. Many people on fixed incomes can not afford the food they need, despite there being plenty of food to go around globally.

Housing costs have become more and more ridiculous and people are living in spaces that far outweigh their actual needs. There are people living on the streets who can't get affordable housing and social assistance  provides not nearly enough to cover basic housing costs.

The cost of clothing is also rising and the quality seems to be dropping. In the past clothes would be worn until they were unwearable and would be mended time and time again or passed on to younger family members. There was very little wastage.

We have become a disposable society-throwing out what we don't want or need. Often these things are still useful but end up in a landfill clogging up our earth even more than it already is.

So what is the answer? LIVING THE SIMPLE LIFE. Our ancestors lived a simple life-true they had to work hard  for what they had but they were able to provide for their families. They grew their own food, raised their own animals,made their own clothing,houses, furniture,candles,soap,and countless other things. For the most part they were happy-they knew the value of a hard days work.

Not all of these things may be practical in this day and age but there are many things that you can do in your own life to simplify things. The more we jump on the band wagon and buy things we do not need-like the newest electronics, phones or gadgets, the more expensive it is to simply live and live well.

The way I see it, it is not necessary to have a lot of money to live well. Society suggests it is but in reality there is no rule that we must subscribe to the endless consumerism and materialism. Our ancestors were materialistic in the true sense-they kept what they truly needed to survive. They LIVED THE SIMPLE LIFE. Today you no longer have to work for something you want-if you don't have the money there are many ways you can get that thing you can't live without and get it now. Credit cards,loans etc. The way I see it if I do not have the money for something I can't afford it.

As a single parent of three children and living on a fixed income I have found many ways to live cheaply and well. I have read books on many different subjects concerning simple living and researched topics that interest me. So please join me as I chronicle my journey in simple living and share what I have learned! I am still learning things every day and it is my goal to find the simplest and least expensive lifestyle I can. Then I will truly be LIVING THE SIMPLE LIFE!


  1. You are so right about us becoming a disposable society. Instead of repairing and reusing, we toss away and buy new - putting ourselves farther and farther into debt. I am interested in reading more! Great start Emma!

  2. Emma your blog is going to become popular and Living Simple is all many people in my age group can possible strive for. I am proud to say that after paying my expenses I can still eat a little and make good use of donations from gardeners and the reduced food items in the stores. I so dislike eating foods which are processed and what with all of the food contamination scares these past many years, it is helpful if you can make your own food from sources you trust.
    GOOD going Emma and enjoy your wonderful P.E.I. visit - a very magical place to be, isn't it?

    1. Yes it sure is-a little bit of heaven! Thanks for reading!!